Blog Is Dead #378

And Spoons Are Not Feeling That Good Either

>Hey dude!

>What's up, doc?

>Been lookin' for U on Facebook but haven't found U

>Of course
>I guess I'm not there


>Is it serious, doc?

>Always thought of U as a kind of a geek
>on the internet 24/7

>In fact I already know so many ways to waste my time,
>So I don't think I need FB

>So what? Are U already on the next big thing?

>Well... no
>I'm just writing on my old blog actually.

>So... you're still into blogging


>And what do you post? Videos? Podcasts?

>Text. Just plain text.


>Oh, sometimes I've got some pictures too.

>And you still have readers?

>More than ever, I have to say.

>But I heard the blog was dead.

>Oh yes, so many times.

>No, this time it's serious,
>I heard it was killed by facebook.

>Really? Didn't know.

>You need some updates, aint'you?

>Sad but true
>Please help me

>For instance
>Are you still using spoons?

>Yes, why
>Please, don't tell me spoon is dead

>Dead and buried

>And the killer was?

>The corkscrew

>I cant'understand
>Please explain

>Can't explain, you know how trends go.
>One day it's spoon, next day it's corkscrew

>But how can you eat soup with a corkscrew

>Of course you can't. Corkscrew is not for eating soup.
>Are you kiddin' me?

>I'm going to throw away my spoons right now.
>But please, tell me more.

>Well, This is not 100% sure, but
>Have you got any umbrellas?

>Of course. Should I throw them away too?


>And replace them with?

>This ain't been fixed yet
>When I discover U'll be the 1st to know,
>I promise

>Can I suggest a sewing machine?

>Are you foolin'me? 

>for a moment I thought I've caught how trends go

>You're a desperate case I guess
>I'm leaving now, someone's calling on my Intercom


(Poor boy, still on Intercom
Nobody told him it was killed by Myspace)

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